My Panda-Panda baby raising game available on iOS & Google Play Store

Pu is a cute little panda who loves to eat, have fun and take selfies. He expects you to feed him, dress him, clean him and take care of him.

Designed with the sole intention of giving you an adorable virtual pet to take care of, PU is a game that is meant to keep you entertained for hours! Who doesn’t love the idea of having a virtual pet? It can be just as fun as having a real pet plus the added benefits of virtual reality.

The app is designed with the intention of introducing children to the world of pets and what it takes to take care and nurture one. In fact, if you were planning on getting a real pet, it would be ideal to start off with this app, so that your child knows what to expect with a real pet.

Although the game is mostly aimed at children, it is suitable for people of all ages. The giant panda is an incredibly cute and adorable little pet that is guaranteed to help you have a fantastic time. The baby panda needs help from you to care for it and give it a warm shelter.

Once you download the app, you must adopt the pet panda and give it a cute and unique name, just like you would name your pet. Next, you must dress up your pet to make it even more attractive! You can take advantage of the different costume options that are available to dress up your cutie and come up with customized looks.

Your pet is now ready to play with you! You can start playing with him and choose from games to earn gold coins. The more coins you collect, the happier your panda will be! There are also other challenges to complete to win diamonds. It is evident that with all the playing, your pet will get hungry. So next up, you must feed your pet healthy foods as also treats to keep it energetic.

Your little panda can be a little messy at times and require a bath to keep him clean. Give him a nice bath to clean him thoroughly and make sure he smells good! Once your panda has had a bath, he will feel sleepy and need a comfortable bed to sleep in. You can help him by lining his bed with comfortable sheets and get him to take a nap. Meanwhile, you can decorate his house however you like and make it a cozy home for your panda.

Your baby panda will grow up into an adult panda right in front of your eyes and make you feel like a proud pet parent. The user interface of the app is incredibly smooth and can be used by just about anyone. There is an added new feature of the leaderboard, which you can use to see where you place and rise up on the ranks to reach number one!



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Pu Panda Game Developed By Clement Vitroly. He developed this app for kids & all age groups peoples they love with panda. This game is a free virtual game created by a small independent developer, a game that caters to small and big, girls and boys

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Aug 03, 2017