My Paraphrasing Announces its New Department of Writing Assistance

MyParaphrasing proudly announces the commencement of its new business department: Original Writing Assistance to our global clientele. Take advantage of special sales offers TODAY!

My Paraphrasing is very pleased to announce the long-awaited re-engineering in its globally successful business model. We have now added a whole new department of original writing services for your various needs: from blogging to business writing, and from custom-written model essays to CV-development.

Previously, we have worked really hard to cater to your professional and academic needs by providing par excellence paraphrasing services that have been received with great enthusiasm because of being very cheap at the same time.

We have been quite aware of our clients' growing needs and requests to provide them, side-by-side, with original writing services so that any addition, adjustments, and tweaking needed in the paraphrased content can be managed with the same high standards.

Although it has taken us almost a year to add this new department to our existing business model, we are still very pleased to annnounce its inception because, after all, it is you, our clients, whose requests have finally been met.

We took this much time only because it takes a lot of effort and passion to build a team of highly-skilled and experienced writers that can deliver top-notch content that satisfies the various professional and/or academic needs that our clients trust us with.

As of now, however, our writing assistance is limited to the various domains of the social sciences. We hope to expand our expertise to hard sciences in the near future. We have covered the social sciences domains first because most of our clients come from these disciplines. And more importantly, social sciences are a more difficult path to tread on.

Please visit our official page to learn more about our services, terms and conditions, price per page for paraphrasing and original writing, and so on.

We have won our clients' deep trust because of always being transparent and reliable in monetary matters. This is the reason we have partnered with one of the most reliable e-commerce solutions of the globe: Blue Snap, to ensure your money is in safe hands.

Take a moment and visit our official company website to learn more about us. We are very hopeful that once you place an order with us, you would feel highly satisfied.

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MyParaphrasing proudly announces the long-awaited news: The company is now very pleased to announce adding a completely new chapter to its operations: A whole new department providing original writing assistance to our global clientele.

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Aug 27, 2015