NO.Tify.Me Giveaway Campaign Chance To Earn Some Quick Cash.

NO.Tify.Me is an app that is constantly being innovated, updated and changing with the times to give you the best service possible; whether Android or Apple

For all those who make use of the NO.Tify.Me App to manage their schedules and never forget an event, here comes a chance earn some quick cash. The app itself a is a virtual task manager that will not allow you to miss any important dates and/or days in your life – now you can set a reminder on the app itself to remind you to take part in this contest to earn a full fifty dollars! Open for an audience that is scattered around the globe, this contest closes on the 12th of July 2016 and is absolutely free.

Open to only those who are above 18 years of age, the NO.Tify.Me Giveaway Campaign is open to all residents of countries that host PayPal; entries will be accepted from the 16th of June, 2016 right until the end of the contest period, which is the 12th of July, 2016 – no entries will be accepted beyond 11.59 p.m. Contestants can make use of their Facebook IDs to log in and submit the online form; any incomplete forms or ones that do not meet the rules or specifications of the contest will be rejected.

Those are the broad rules; skim through the terms and conditions on the website to get a clearer picture and go sign up now! Two lucky winners will receive fifty dollars each via PayPal Cash – the company shall pick the winners by a random drawing of names, based on the high number of entries they receive. Within five days of picking the winners, the two lucky people will get an email informing them of their fortunes, from which they have a full 10 days to send in their acceptance of the prize and claim it for themselves. In case they fail to do so, an alternate winner will be selected instead.

NO.Tify.Me is an app that is constantly being innovated, updated and changing with the times to give you the best service possible; whether Android or Apple, you never forget an event in your life because NO.Tify.Me will never let your forget it! You can even snooze your app in an attempt to procrastinate, but we will remind you until you get your work is done so that you never miss a deadline or forego and event. And now, we offer you the chance to win yourself some quick cash for free!

Go sign up for the NO.Tify.Me Giveaway Campaign today; you don’t have to spend any money since purchases do not make a difference to the lottery and the selection of winners. Join for free today and become a winner; set yourself a reminder now on the app now so that you do not forget! 

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