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Get the experience of Twin Falls BASE Jumping, Twin Falls Bridge BASE Jumping and Twin Falls Idaho BASE jumping with highly experienced BASE Tandem Instructor.

A skydive can be one of the most ultimate experiences in the life of an adventure freak. If you are waiting for your next challenge, then base jumping with atandem base can just be the right choice for you. Nothing can beat the excitement and the adrenaline rush when you free fall from a decent height. So this can definitely be the next best thing you can try.


Extreme Sports Base Jumping With Parachute and Other Safety Measures


At tandem base allows you to jump off the Perrine Bridge along with an experienced BASE jump instructor? This diving is made more secure with a custom designed and manufactured gear set which also includes the Huck-It. This is coupled with a TBX-1 BASE jumping parachute and student harnesses. The parachute and harnesses are so built that they ensure maximum safety for the trainers. Besides these safety gadgets, the instructor will always be with you so that you can enjoy safely and peacefully. The duo’s harness is task specific, and the materials are built keeping in mind their military specifications.


BASE Jumping Twin Falls Idaho with Highly Trained Instructors


It is extremely thrilling and fun filled. But it may not however always be safe and sound. Here at the tandembase, the people take every step to ensure that it is done safely. That makes it tougher for the instructors as well. The instructors start as sport’s highest calibre jumpers. They are also provided with helmets and proper footwear just like their students to ensure their safety as well. The instructors are then required to qualify the written and practical instruction and testing on Tandem BASE Standard Operation procedures before being certified as proper instructors here.


If you are dying to do a skydive today, then this is by far the best opportunity that you have in hand. Register today only for $399 and get the experience of a lifetime. Though the price is fixed here in the oldest skydiving club but you can still look for discounts and deals associated with it. Besides skydiving, you can also do rafting and golfing here in this place. BASE jumping bridge twin falls is definitely going to be a wow experience for you.

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