Opening Protection Deficiency Reports with Insurance Inspections

Most people calling insurance inspection services don’t know the condition of their home.

Most people calling insurance inspection services don’t know the condition of their home. They don’t necessarily know if their home meets insurance standards. Some don’t know what insurance inspectors are looking for in the first place. They know two things:

1.     Insurance companies have requested the inspections

2.     Homeowners can qualify for insurance discounts if their homes meet certain standards

Inspection services come to your home prepared to complete your home inspection. Professionals can also walk you through the process. This way, you know what you’re getting into and what to expect. Different inspections have different focuses. We offer things like 4-point inspections to find the most common home issues.


We also look at things like the windows, roofing, and other areas that can make your home more vulnerable. When you look at the openings to your home, you could run into a wide range of possibilities. Things like roofing protect some openings. We also look for things like hurricane shutters and glass protections.


Get the Information You Need to Pass Insurance Inspections

Not everybody passes windstorm insurance inspections the first time. Don Meyler Inspections sends seasoned professionals. So we know exactly what to look for, and we complete a thorough inspection every time. You’ll get a written report from every inspection. Then you can implement changes to fix any problems we find.


The most common problems are with the roof. Homeowners don’t see the top of their roof every day. Many of our clients also don’t know what kind of connections to look for between the roof and house. Our simple reports give you the information you need to identify necessary repairs. Then you can talk to a contractor about pricing.


What does this mean for openings to your home? In more extreme cases, it could mean replacing your roof. For most homeowners, the repairs are smaller. You might need to replace your hurricane shutters. Installing glass protections can also prevent injuries and more significant damage. If you don’t already have a secondary water resistant barrier, you can also talk to contractors.


Don Meyler Inspections can talk to you about the severity of any listed problems. You can determine if they have to be fixed or if it’s optional. Then you can price any work that needs to be done before making any decisions.

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Mar 22, 2017