Outside Broadcast Units For Hire Available At Over Exposed

Over Exposed has two purpose built units for outside broadcast.

Over Exposed (overexposed.tv) is thrilled to announce that they are offering outside broadcast units for hire to everyone.

Over Exposed has two purpose built units for outside broadcast. The first unit, called OB1, was built in June 2016 and is the newest addition to the company. It is designed by Over Exposed from chassis upwards. OB1 can carry up to eight passengers. Depending on the client’s needs, Over Exposed can provide ten camera channels or 16 HDSDI cameras for this unit. OB1 is even equipped with air conditioning units and a coffee machine. This unit is suitable for jobs where clients lack space for an artic lorry but still wants to achieve the same results.

The other unit offered by Over Exposed, named OB2, was built in 2015. This replaced their old Mercedes Sprinter OB and can accommodate up to four people. For this unit, clients can choose to get either five camera channels or 10 HDSDI cameras. OB2 has a small size compared to other units offered by Over Exposed. Because of this, it can fit into standard sizes parking spaces or on the side of the street without breaking any parking regulations. Despite its size, Over Exposed assures everyone that this unit can provide the same results of a bigger unit.

These outside broadcast units by Over Exposed are fully flexible for a wide variety of productions, such as Standard Definition, High Definition, or Ultra High Definition. Moreover, they also have multiple SSD decks and RTS Talkback Matrix.

Over Exposed can provide their services to both small and large scale productions anywhere in the country. According to them, “We have experience working for clients all over the UK and internationally providing Outside Broadcast Facilities and Services for a range of projects for broadcast, live streams, event streaming, webcasting, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Big Screen & festivals”. In order to guarantee that their clients will have a convenient and worthwhile time working with them, Over Exposed offers pick-up and drop-off services nationwide.

Aside from outside broadcast services, Over Exposed can also help in live streaming, flyaway, webcasting, and a lot more. For more information, visit their website at overexposed.tv.

About Over Exposed

Over Exposed is a company that provides production and filming solutions throughout the United Kingdom. They are composed of the best DOP’s, directors, producers, and camera operators, allowing them to deliver quality services all the time. If you want to avail of their services, there are different ways to contact them. You can send your questions, comments, and suggestions to their email address, mail@overexposed.tv. Also, you can call 0208 226 4073 to speak to one of their representatives. Log on to their official website at overexposed.tv for more details.

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Over Exposed is a broadcast and video production solutions specialist based in London, United Kingdom. They have outside broadcast trucks which cater to various types of video productions such as live event filming and big screen productions.

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May 08, 2017