Paper Carrier Bags are a blessing to our environment

Choosing paper shopping bags over plastic is simpler when affordable and rich quality options are available.

Every day we read about the harm caused by plastic bag usage. The impact of plastic bags on our environment is no new news to us. From 5 October 2015, England has put a charge for all single-use plastic carrier bags with the intention to reduce its usage and thereby encouraging people to reuse plastic bags.

Paper shopping bags is a powerful substitute for plastic bags.  A study revealed that 9 out of 10 customers of a retail outlet do not mind to pay extra for the sake of our environment. Most part of the population is encouraging the government’s decision of making plastic bags chargeable.

Keeping in mind the hazards of a plastic bag Carrier Bag Hut eases our lives with their 100% environment-friendly paper shopping bags. The company is known in the market for its quality and design. They have the expertise in designing paper carrier bags. The quality of raw material adds to the list of pros for choosing Carrier Bag Hut.

Other factors that would impress its client would be that the company manufactures these bags and thus they have the flexibility to cater to their clients’ specific requirements.

What distinguishes Carrier Bag Hut from its competitors is the technique and machinery they use to make paper shopping bags. They make European style turn over top folded or J-cut bags, which is a way to add double support on the mouth of the bags. Also, this method prevents the handle from coming off.

One of the chief from production team explained “handles are the main area of paper carrier bags, most of the clients who deal with paper bags often complain that handles break easily. For the very first time when we received this complaint, our directors made a huge investment in machinery that changed the outlook of customers towards paper bags.”

By the above statement, the company’s official not only brags about the product quality but also about its service. It seems people of UK will soon deteriorate the rate of plastic bag usage and options like Carrier Bag Hut offering high-quality paper bags will make it a child’s play.

About Carrier Bag Hut

Carrier Bag Hut is a premier supplier of packaging solutions in the UK.  It is a Manchester based company and has a wide spread of categories to match the complete packaging needs of their customers. Their UK based website is one of the leading e-commerce portals. They have the expertise in the entire packaging arena and their forte is carrier bags. The company manufactures European style turn over top folded or J-cut carrier bags. They are known for excellent quality and affordable prices.

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We sell small, medium, and large size reusable carrier paper bags, plastic bags, gift bags, tissue papers, for shopping and grocery and other miscellaneous day to day uses in bulk or wholesale in the UK.

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Dec 17, 2016