Pavel Astahov visited child institutions in Kaliningrad region

On the 11-th of March children's ombudsman Pavel Astahov (Russian Federation) within the framework of working visit to Kalinigrad region has visited several child institutions, reports INFOX news agency.

Pavel Astahov and his lawyers have already made the similar inspection at the end of 2012 year.We gave instructions and recommendation following the results of this inspection. Now we are examining how these recommendations have been done and what are results of this work, - mentioned Pavel Astahov.

He has visited the opening of the kindergarten ?51 in Kaliningrad. 325 children went to this kindergarten.The construction of this kindergarten was the stage of the strategy of Kaliningrad region governor Nikolay Tsukanov on the increase of the availability of preschool education.

This kindergarten has been rebuilt from old building. Now it is modern building for 13 groups of children of different age from 3 years old till 7.There are music hall, gym room, medical section, computer and language classes, fine art studio, ecological class, the class of housekeeping, the rest room, the class for the psychological studies and the class for lessons with the logopedist in this new kindergarten.

Pavel Astahov also has visited children’s department of the Federal Center of the cardiovascular surgery, which has been opened at the October of 2012 year. During this time a lot of children’s lives have been saved in this Center. A lot of children with families arrive every year to this Center from different Russian regions – from Tver, Komi republic, Yekaterinburg, Kamchatka. Doctors from this Center also help children with Down’s syndrome.

The head physician of the Center Yriy Shneider told about the main achievements of the work. Now in this Center more than one hundred doctors (45% from them are specialists with highest and the first qualification) work.

Pavel Astahov also has visited «The center of gifted children» in the Kaliningrad region (village Ushakovo, Gurievsky area). This Center was organized in 2013 year with the initiative of Nikolay Tsukanov on the base of children recreation camp «Sun coast».
As mentioned the director of the Center Sergey Goman, over 43 educational programs and 150 teachers are working now in the Center. More than 2700 pupils are studying there, and this is the place, where a lot of amazing discoveries happen. All children in this Center are very motivated in such experience.

Pavel Astahov also has carried out the enrolment of citizens of Kalinigrad region. He discussed in detail all questions with each applicant and gave recommendations.

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Mar 23, 2015