Pearson Publishing Receives Exclusive 100 Year Digital Marketing International Book Deal

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Pearson Publishing world´s largest U.K. based book publisher signed an exclusive deal to promote the world´ largest International Search Engine Optimization book the International Search Engine Optimization Bible.

Digital marketing agencies come together to promote a worthy cause.  The idea of helping businesses learn how to create an international search engine optimization planfor free is something many digital marketing agencies have shied away from until now.  “We are seeing several digital marketing agencies across the globe coming together to contribute to what looks like what might turn out to be the ultimate guide on international search engine optimization for small business owners” said an anonymous source that has made a significant contribution to the ISEO Bible.

The ISEO Bible is an all inclusive book that will allow small business owners to benefit from some of the leading international search engine optimization marketers in the world.  Some of the contributors are taking credit for their contributions and others are electing to remain anonymous because they believe they are offering something of value to the world, a book that will continuously be updated as times change.  You have to ask yourself why so many digital marketers and CEO´s from International Digital Marketing Agencies have come together to produce something they normally charge an arm and a leg to produce for clients.

The simple answer that was provided by an anonymous source close to the production end of the book said many business owners simply do not have the time to learn everything there is to learn about international search engine optimization.  As a result, many ISEO experts are happy to contribute to what is expected to turn into a 1000 plus page book on International search engine optimization.  “It will be the first of its kind and many believe with the secrets that so many international marketers reveal in the ISEO Bible, business will benefit, the contributors will benefit, and there will be a universal guide with international SEO best practices available in the world for anyone interested in expanding their small business into the global marketplace, not only today for years to come.” 


A list of the contributors can be found in the ISEO Bible and what contribution they specifically made will be noted so readers that want to retain their services can do so.  For more information on the topic of International Search Engine Optimization you can find the ISEO Bible here.

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May 08, 2017

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