PGN LABORATORIES, LLC Presents Kondro-Dog, The Right Choice For Dog Owners

Fast-Acting Joint Supplement for Dogs for Better Growth and Stronger Development.

Miami, FL, USA (March 24, 2017) - PGN Laboratories, LLC, has announced the release of their all new dietary supplement for dogs called Kondro-Dog. This amazing supplement is made for the ideal joint support and optimized immune system for dogs and consists of chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine HCl that are integrated into a carefully selected Homeopathic blend. With an aim to be a perfect natural solution for dogs, the supplement has already started to make a difference in the industry and veterinary scientists are recommending it to the pet owners across the US.

“This product is a carefully developed and designed to reduce the incidence and severity of joint issues and support immune system in your pet.” Said the spokesperson of the PGN Laboratories while talking about the product. “With small molecular size and 100% natural ingredients, our exclusive formula with our homeopathic blend provides joint support and immune system booster effect like no other.” He added.

The formula has an absorption rate of up to 98% of the active ingredients and the supplement arrives packed in unit doses that are easy to give with 5 mL amber syringes. Moreover, weekly doses of high potency are also recommended as maintenance dose and all the active ingredients are of pharmaceutical-grade. Furthermore, it is FDA-approved ingredients and the non-GMO/Gluten-free formula makes Kondro-Dog an ideal choice for the pet owners.

With its faster absorbing and faster acting formula, Kondro Dog is an entirely made in USA facilities and the PGN Labs know exactly how to take care of the man’s best friend. Moreover, the website is designed with a user friendly interface and live support to help the pet owners with all their questions and queries. The website also features all the technical information about the formula of the supplement and information regarding ordering it. In addition, it also has all the facts and knowledge about the supplement that everyone needs to know.

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Fast-Acting Joint Supplement for Dogs for Better Growth and Stronger Development.

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Mar 23, 2017