Prevent Clogged Drains By Availing Of Drainage Interceptors From Environmental Drain Services

Environmental Drain Services Ltd would like to reiterate that all quotations and advice given are free of charge.

Environmental Drain Services Ltd (, the leading drainage solutions provider in the UK, is proud to present their different types of drainage interceptors.


Environmental Drain Services Ltd is a company that provides clients with professional drainage solutions. They take pride in having various services that can address various drainage problems. According to them, “We have a wide range of products to match all drainage requirements. We are happy to offer advice for which product would provide the best solution for your domestic or commercial drainage problems”.


For those who are unfamiliar with drainage interceptors, these are devices used for separating dangerous and undesirable matter from waste water. They filter substances while allowing the waste water to flow freely into the sewage system. These devices are necessary as they prevent certain substances from clogging drains.


Environmental Drain Services Ltd offers two types of drainage interceptors: these would be the grease trap and the wash down bay. Grease traps are commonly used in commercial kitchens that require a grease management system. By installing this device, clients can prevent the build-up of fats, oils and grease within their drainage pipes. Grease traps can be constructed in three ways; they can be under work-top systems, dosing systems or below-ground tanks.


Meanwhile, a wash down bay is a type of interceptor that collects oil and silt from waste water. Oils gathered by this device are kept in suspension and are washed downstream. Environmental Drain Services Ltd can design and install a complete system that suits the needs of clients.


Environmental Drain Services Ltd would like to reiterate that all quotations and advice given are free of charge. In addition, products and services availed of from the company are given a 36-month warranty.


Lastly, the company offers a free on-site appraisal for those who would like their drainage systems examined. To avail of this service, interested parties can fill out the request form found on


Aside from drainage interceptors, the company also offers other types of drainage solutions like septic tank installation, rainwater harvester installation, drainage test and surveys and others. All drainage solutions are designed, specified and installed by the company’s skilled engineers so clients can expect quality service.


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Environmental Drain Services Ltd is a specialist provider of drainage solutions in the UK. They pride themselves in having extensive knowledge and many years of industry experience when it comes to resolving different types of drainage problems. Despite being an industry leader, they continue to offer cost-effective services to clients. Interested parties who would like to contact them can do so in many ways. First, is by filling out the contact form accessible via Next, is through calling the phone number, 01202 821340. Lastly, feedback and suggestions can be sent via email through

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