Pros And Cons of a Garden Hedge

If you love gardens and gardening, you will love the natural look and feel of a hedge.

A well-kept hedge adds to the aesthetic beauty and gives your property a great look. Along with the aesthetics, a garden-hedge can also be a security feature for your home – after all, a hedge is a growing fence. Many home owners struggle with the decision – whether to have a fence or a hedge on their property.  To ease your decision, here are some pros and cons of a garden hedge to consider:

Benefits or Pros of a Garden Hedge

As we said, a hedge is like a growing fence, it is a border created out of plants and shrubs that are trimmed into the shape of a fence. If you love gardens and gardening, you will love the natural look and feel of a hedge. 

A hedge costs less because you are using plants as the actual fencing material. One way is to put a wire fence and let the plants grow along one side of it. You will have plants growing through the  wire which can then be trimmed into shape. Depending on the type of shrubs used for the hedge, you have a beautiful backdrop for your garden.

Besides providing a screen and barrier to the outside world, a garden hedge reduces dust and noise pollution. Dense plant growth reduces the sounds from the neighbourhood. Plants, as we know are the best suppliers of clean and breathable air. The hedge also makes your garden a shady and comfortable outdoor space that is great for relaxing or entertaining.

Disadvantages or Cons of a Garden Hedge

Although a garden-hedge looks aesthetically beautiful, it take an awful long time for the plants to grow to the height you are aiming for. This is perhaps the biggest downside of a hedge. The hedge plants also require tending and care. They need to be protected from disease and require fertilisation just like the other plants in your garden.

Trimming or pruning the hedge is a regular chore which like other Mowing and Gardening Services Long Jetty tasks take up a considerable amount of time. While the initial cost of planting a hedge may not be all that much, its maintenance cost might be quite high if you'd like professionals to do the trimming for you.

Plants take a long time to establish. In fact, some of your hedge plants may fail to grow. Mature plants when transplanted may wither and die, making it necessary for you to replant a section of the hedge which is again a troublesome exercise. Ultimately, your hedge needs as much care as your garden to keep it looking its best at all times.

However, if you're still in favour of a garden hedge, professional Garden Clean Ups Terrey Hills providers like Fox Mowing NSW do an excellent job of hedge maintenance at reasonable rates. If you need help or advice on getting a hedge for your property, visit Get a free quote or talk to the experts on the kind of plants that best suit your topography.

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