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Everyone is busy with their hectic working schedules to settle their lives. During this settlement of their lives, the level of mental pressure rises very rapidly and constantly.

Being anxious is a normal emotion now & then, be it a financial crisis or a problem at work, your brain never rests. The level of stress hormones rises with the day-to-day overwhelming & constant worries or fears. These regular worries can cause distress i.e. Anxiety disorders and unbalanced your normal life. If you experience these things often and forcefully, it’s the time to talk your doctor because it is a stage of mental illness.

The anxiety disorders & muscle spasms can cause various health issues in your life, such as panic attack, chest pain, muscle contractions, palpitations, feeling of choking, heart attack, sleep problems & other serious problems.

Types of Anxiety disorders:

· Panic disorder – In this type, the affected person feels different health problems suddenly & repeatedly without any warning. There are some symptoms of panic disorder is a panic attack, chest pain, irregular heartbeats, unwanted sweating and so on.

· Social phobia – mainly known as a social anxiety disorder that involves immense self-consciousness & worries about daily social situations. The stage fright condition occurs in them, where they feel deeply uncomfortable while addressing or meeting a group of people.

· Specific phobias – they feel intense fear of some specific things like heights, flying, closed places, animals, crowds, etc.

· Sleep issues i.e. insomnia – insomnia causes serious physical & psychological health hazards to the people. Chronic insomnia is might be a sign of anxiety disorder.

· Muscle tensions – regular muscle tensions or cramps such as jaw clenching, fists balling, flexing, etc. – often accompanies the Anxiety attack/disorder.

· Chronic indigestion or stomach problems – the stress often starts from the mind, but it affects the body functions such as indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, cramping, gas, bloating, and so on.

Symptoms - the anxiety disorder symptoms mainly depend on its types. Some general symptoms of anxiety disorder & muscle spasms are as follows:

· Sleeping problems

· Breathing issues

· Heart palpitations

· Feelings of fear, panic, & uneasiness

· Cold/sweaty hands or feet

· Nausea

· Numbness/tingling in the hands or feet

· Dry mouth

· Muscle tension/cramps

· Dizziness

The cause of anxiety disorders or muscle spasms:

There is not an exact or muscle spasms, but some general causes are there such as poor upbringing, personal weakness, a character flaw, regular stress, etc. It is clear that the mental illness is caused by a combination of many factors, including variations of the brain chemicals & environmental stress.

Diagnosis/treatment of Anxiety disorders & muscle spasms:

Anxiety treatment is based on the condition or type of disorder, after diagnosis the exact type or cause, treatment is prescribed. It includes many therapies and medications to cure this mental illness. Some of the methods are:

· Psychotherapy – it is a type of counseling performed by the psychotherapists by talking to the patient through vivid strategies for understanding their condition or type and the proper method is prescribed.

· Dietary & lifestyle changes – in this type the patients have to check their lifestyle and dietary schedules, figure out the cause and then change it so. Such as if a person consumes more caffeine products like coffee, tea, alcohol, etc., then these things should be avoided by him to cure Anxiety disorders.

· Medications ­– there are some drugs or antidepressants such as Diazepam are used to reduce the Anxiety disorders or muscle spasms.

Before taking these drugs, please read the manuals and important information about them. Always talk to your doctor while starting or stopping these medicines. more information visit :

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May 24, 2017