Rely on Aquavita’s Water Purifier in Dar es Salaam to Enjoy Healthy Drinking Water

Aquavita provides top quality and low-cost water purifiers in Dar es Salaam, which helps various industries to enjoy healthy, pure and fresh drinking water.

Do you want to get rid of ordering the costly bottled drinking water container for your workplace in Dar es Salaam? Are you looking for a good and cost-effective alternative? Then do not waste your time!! Buy a top quality water purifier in Dar es Salaam from Aquavita to enjoy safe and pure drinking water. By installing their best quality water purifier system at your office or workplace in Dar es Salaam, you will no more have to deal with the costly bottled drinking water and enjoy fresh, pure water without facing any kind of hassle. Having Aquavita’s good quality water purifier system at your workplace will eliminate the hassle of running out of drinking water and help you enjoy the convenience of 24/7 hour fresh, safe and healthy drinking water.

Fresh and Pure Water for your Workplace:

For every organization, business, industries and office, it is important to ensure 24 hr healthy drinking, which helps in keeping your employees or workers hydrated and improving their productivity level. Aquavita excels in serving top quality water purifiers in Dar es Salaam to a wide variety of industries that include banks, financial institutions, NGO offices, global corporate office, fitness centers, manufacturing units, warehouse, healthcare offices and more. Their aim is to provide the highest quality water purification system that helps every workplace in Dar es Salaam to enjoy 24/7 healthy, safe and pure drinking water without depending on the highly expensive bottled drinking water.

Innovative and Cost-effective Drinking Water Solution:

Aquavita supplies high performing water purifiers in Dar es Salaam that are designed with modern design, sleek curvature and state-of-the-art technology, which perfectly suits any modern office’s aesthetics. Their water purification systems are built to provide you environmentally friendly pure drinking water solutions for your workplace in Dar es Salaam. The water purifiers designed to purify using reverse osmosis and activate oxygen injection methods, which produces better taste, pure and healthier drinking water for your workplace.

A few lines from Aquavita,” We call our water purifiers in Dar es Salaam as the “Technology for a Healthy Planet”. Keeping in mind the importance of healthy and pure drinking water at different workplaces, we have come up with high performing, best quality water purifiers that are certified, tested and have energy-efficiency standards to provide cost-effective and convenient healthier, safer and purer drinking water solutions. On request, we provide a one-week FREE trial!!”

About Aquavita:

Aquavita specializes in providing top quality, low-cost water purifiers in Dar es Salaam, Mombasa, Nairobi to various industries. Their PHSI water purification systems ( the only US based manufacturer of water purification coolers) or water purifiers are tested and certified to produce better tasting, pure, fresh and healthy drinking water. As bottle-less drinking water systems, their state-of-the-art and high-quality water purifiers will give you cleaner and fresher drinking water solutions.


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Aquavita provides the best quality and high performing water purification systems to ensure safer, tastier, better, fresher and purer drinking water. We offer tested and certified water purification systems in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Dar es Salaam

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Jun 06, 2017