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UK Memorial Service provide fitting tributes for those who have been cremated.

Cremation has become the preferred choice of being laid to rest in the UK today. The majority of funerals held across the nation every year feature a cremation rather than a traditional burial. Whilst some believe that the absence of a burial site means that an appropriate memorial, such as a headstone or kerb set, will not be in place. This is not the case, with UK Memorial Service being the leading choice nationally for providing fitting memorials for cremation services.

The latest available information indicates that some 70% of funerals in the UK feature a cremation. The reasons for the rise in cremation are varied, but they for the most part relate to a lack of burial space, the rising cost of traditional burials and personal preference. For those who are left behind there are several ways in which the ashes of the deceased can be retained safely and presented in a way that serves as the most fitting of tributes to a loved one.

UK Memorial Service specialise in presenting all forms of memorials suitable for cremations. From the traditions of vases through to headstones and kerb sets for those who wish to lay ashes to eternal rest, there are several suitable options available which allow one to remember and pay tribute to a lost loved one. For those that have specified that their ashes be spread at a favourite, important location, a carefully crafted plaque can be created and placed to serve as a poignant, fitting memorial.

For UK Memorial Service it is important that ashes memorials match their high quality with an affordable, accessible cost. The company works in conjunction with their suppliers to ensure that their artisans have not only the finest granite and marble available to work with, but also that they are secured at the lowest cost. These lower costs are always passed on directly to those who call on their services as a sign of support in their time of need for comfort.

Whether a lost loved one has been laid to eternal rest by means of a traditional burial or by cremation, a lasting and enduring memorial can provide a focal point to remember them, bringing peace and comfort. UK Memorial Service deliver their services with the honour and dignity with which they have been entrusted to ensure that the deceased is remembered with compassion and love.


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Nov 06, 2014