RSorder 2017 new year treat offer 50% off runescape gold for 120 Slayer #3 on Jan.9

RSorder 2017 new year treat offer 50% off runescape gold for 120 Slayer #3 on Jan.9

I got some things to say about this video and I hope you find some of them useful. Everything here is pretty much personal opinion, some have higher,Buy the ability to add Bonecrusher to your toolbelt. Helps a lot with tasks like dark beasts which allow for rs3 gold demon horn necklace use. Also good for tasks where you want to pick up bones with the bonepicker upgrade from the Arc.

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2. Always carry alch runes if you are going to kill monsters that drop alchables. Spring cleaner is also good but when it doesn't do it's work or you don't want it to having extra pair of alch runes is very handy and saves inventory space. Just bring high alch spell to a bar and press it either after you've killed something or right after you've used an ability. This way you can cancel animations and save time and space.


3. Always use Charming imp. Picks up charms for you, costs 100k dung tokens. When you get points add it to your toolbelt as well.

4. Seedicide. Yes, I'm a fan of drop cleaners but you can't do dark beasts without this since the seeds aren't even worth that much so why not convert them all to xp instantly? Doesn't take long to get from cabbage facepunch Bonanza. Also addable to toolbelt for 500 slayer points.

5. For dark beasts try using aggro pots+ovls(variants) and deflect magic. You can aggro them all and use multi-target abilities to bring them down. The only healing you'll need is vamp aura. If you want to use demon horn+bonecrusher you won't run out of prayer.

6. You should be able to tank/aoe down all 5 iorwerth elves at once(since I am able to do so with lesser gear) and heal back up with ss. There's usually 3-4 elves in that spot but sometimes 5th one walks in. I hop worlds to find a good one with 5 and get good KPH.

Eventually, the price will be low enough that its profitability ceases, but this will only occur after plenty of money has been made (stimulating the economy). And then, a new skill or item is introduced. You do know what jagex has a special team of "engineers" who are paid, by you, to routinely update and improve upon the game to maintain its player-base, don't you?

You and jagex are simply crying about not wanting to update the profitability of items and skills too often, although it's within the scope of their job description to do so, and lobbies can remain at 3k ea for 10 years straight until something else comes along. My, I haven't seen such laziness in my entire life. Whether or not Runescape adapts to the changing economic climate, slow or fast, is jagexs' responsibility. In any economy there are legitimate players that know how to adapt, not cry and complain , and they are the ones that are never/marginally affected by bots, merchanting, runescape gold swapping etc.

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