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Helps businesses and professionals with sales pitching and presentation.

Sales Presentation Consultancy ( are delighted to offer sales presentation and pitching consultancy for individuals and businesses based throughout the United Kingdom. What makes Sales Presentation Consultancy different is that they use a variety of tools and approaches; tailored to the person or business they are assisting. This guarantees the best possible results. The tools and approaches they use include consulting, training, coaching, facilitation, and remote presentation coaching. They say: “The tools and approaches we use depend on the nature of your business, and the outcomes that you want to achieve. In each case, we will spend time working with you to get to know your organisation before developing a plan.”

Sales Presentation Consultancy are a highly respected business, which provide their services across the UK and even worldwide. “We are working with businesses, improving their confidence, capability and capacity to attract, present and sell their ideas, products and services,“ they state. They do this with a simple three-step process. The first step is development. They help their clients to develop their story, structure, and key messages. The second step is to advise. The team will then assist and advise their clients when it comes to developing powerful and strong images and content. The third step is coaching. Sales Presentation Consultancy coach their clients to ensure they are able to deliver in a manner that is powerful, confident, and convincing.

As Sales Presentation Consultancy offer a unique service that is tailored to individual needs, they will help clients overcome any specific issues they are facing. This includes the likes of weak body language, failing to remember enough information, a lack of structure to presentations and meetings, an inability to create effective visuals, messages that do not stick and, one of the most common problems, which is feeling nervous. This is just some of the most common areas they address, but they are happy to accommodate any specific goals. To discover more about Sales Presentation Consultancy and the services they offer, you can view their website via The company is more than happy to answer any queries.


About Sales Presentation Consultancy:

Sales Presentation Consultancy helps businesses and professionals with sales pitching and presentation. The firm was established by leading training consultant, David Maylor, and his team help people based across the UK and beyond, with experience in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, insurance, recruitment and more. You can reach Sales Presentation Consultancy on +44 (0) 7912 106344 or via The company’s website is:

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Helping people in business present and sell successfully with confidence through consultancy, coaching and training to build structure, capability and credibility with your audience

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Apr 18, 2017