Sensomatic Joins the Club with the Industry Heavyweights in Load Cell Manufacturing

Maharashtra-based company rules the Indian market in the manufacture and supply of load cell products.

Maharashtra-based company rules the Indian market in the manufacture and supply of load cell products.

Maharashtra, India: 08th May, 2017:

Load cell manufacturers in India have doubled up in count over the past two decades. Currently, the number of manufacturers operating nationally is a lofty one, with a new player entering the arcade every now and then. Though that has multiplied the options for customers, qualitatively, the market is still not as enriched. To this day, there are only a few selected Players who provide the best time tested product in the market, products of highest quality and intelligent design that match with no other manufacturer. Sensomatic is one such name that is known to have remained at the top since its inception. Starting as a small venture, the company today is a giant corporation that is dominating the national market and reaching out for those abroad.

The company famously keeps a lengthy and inclusive catalogue that has hardly anything in its category missing. Some of its specialty manufactures are compression load cell, S-type load cell, Weighbridge load cell and double Ended load cell. Aside the named products, the company keeps an exhaustive variety of beam load cells of very high quality. The greatest strength of Sensomatic’s catalogue is its economically priced, high performing products, the two things the company has focused on right from the beginning.

Currently, the company caters to a large number of industries. Sensomatic supplies its products to neonatal care centers, healthcare organizations, automobile manufacturers, restaurants, pharmaceutical factories, poultry equipment producers, aerospace and defense, marine builders, aviation giants, chemical industries, steel and cement companies, petro-chemical companies, mines, retail industries, and many more.

The company incepted in Phursungi, Maharashtra in 2004 and has introduced to the national market a load of quality products. Sensomatic is presently the only manufacturer in the industry that offers replacement warranty for all its products. For others, it offers extended warranty to secure the investment of the buyers. The company offers fast shipping services for all its delivery orders. Return and exchanges are also promptly carried out by the efficient customer service department of the company. Customization orders are also taken from clients with very specific requirements. The company processes orders swiftly ensuring that they reach the customers soonest.

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Sensomatic, was incepted in the year 2004 at Phursungi, Maharashtra, to manufacture the best Quality load cells at competitive rates in India. We manufacture a wide range of High Precision Load cells for Various Industrial Application. Our Range includes S Type Load Cell, Single Shear Load Cell, Double Ended Shear Beam, Compression Load Cell, Button Type Load Cell, Crane Load Cell, Digital load cells, Single Point Load Cell, Custom Built Load Cell, Stainless Steel Load Cell, Shear Pin Load Cell and many more.

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May 08, 2017