SF Cable’s Universal Power Plug Adapters Make It Easy to Connect Gadgets

SF Cable, a California based firm that sells cables, accessories and components online provides an array of international power plug adapters including IEC and Nema plug adapters.

Whenever we travel, we carry our favourite gadgets with us. Disappointment strikes when we are not aware of the type of adapter or plug that is needed to plug in and charge the device. And this is when we end up overheating our devices, damaging them and sometimes even causing accidents. To avoid this, it is important to buy a power plug cord that is compatible with the outlet of the country you are traveling to.

SF Cable, a California-based firm that sells cables, accessories and components have come up with an array of international power plug adapters including IEC and NEMA plug adapters. These power plug adapters will make it easy for American Travellers to connect their gadgets to different outlets without worrying. SF Cable offers connector conversions like IEC 60320-C5, C6, C7, C13, C14, 5-15P and 5-15R  C14 to your destination connector. These products enable one to convert any country’s power plug cord to other country’s standard plug. “We do not provide voltage transformers or voltage converters but instead provide conversions from one kind of plug to another,” said Jennifer Truong, the owner of SF Cable. Sh further added that “Ensure voltage and current are less than or equal to the rating listed on the adapter. Voltage mismatch can cause damage to your device or even bodily harm. The device must support the input voltage of the country that it will be used in. Power plug adapters sold by us are of superior quality, fully molded and come with REACH and ROHS certifications.”

SF Cable is quite popular for offering quality products at a competitive price point. This is because the company sources these adapters directly from the manufacturers. By doing so, it gets rid of the middlemen margins. Electrical sockets keep varying as you travel from one country to another. For an avid traveler, it is important to know even about the voltage of the country they are traveling to. This brings a lot of clarity as to what kind of preparations to make. SF Cable is known to offer quality after sales service as well as lifetime technical support for the products that you buy from them.

Apart from the adapters, you can also buy a wide range of cables including bulk cables, splitter cables, crossover cable, extension cable and much more from SF Cable. The company also provides the option of creating a custom cable according to one’s needs. These cables are then engineered by the experts at the firm and delivered to the customers in mere seven days.

If you are looking for environmentally safe and certified electronic products and accessories, you can consider buying online from SF Cable. It also offers free standard shipping on the order of $50 or more. To find out more about the power plug adapters offered by SF Cable please visit http://www.sfcable.com/power-plug-adapters.html

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For more information about SF Cable please visit http://sfcable.com

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May 01, 2017