Should You Go to the Court for Your Post Divorce Settlement? Ask a Divorce Lawyer.

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There is a common misconception that if you were not able to agree on some matters post-divorce, then you must take these to the courts. Every divorce should be settled amicably, granted that your relationship with your former partner does not end when you decided to call off your marriage. Well, you may think that the other party is unreasonable but there come to the help of a Woodstock divorce lawyer to mediate things for you. 

Is Amicable Divorce Even Possible?

Divorce without the litigation is advisable since this does not only save you time and money but also allows former couples to part in good ways. There, the parties with the best family lawyers in Woodstock negotiate in good faith and create a settlement. Whatever that was agreed in this extra-judicial procedure becomes binding for the parties.

When Couples Do not Agree on Everything

Disagreements are natural for couples, but there are issues that they cannot reconcile so they file for divorce. The process is emotionally tiring yet this is aggravated but unnecessary chiding from both parties. However, this does not mean that you should immediately go to the court to divide your assets and decide the custody of the kids. That is why amicable settlements are the first line of recourse for divorcing couples. You need to reconcile things first, before seeking long and grueling court hearings.

Not Ready to be Divorced 

Assuming the divorce is one-sided, this is where the bereaved party experiences anger or depression. Do not explore these feelings on your own as hiring divorce lawyers can also be therapeutic. They will also help you navigate the whole of the divorce process. (divorce lawyers in Woodstock) This approach will also prevent you from making choices not consistent with divorce laws in the state of Georgia.     Property division, as well as computation of child support, is factored through seeking family legal services in Woodstock.

Situations Involving Infidelity or Abuse

We tell you this. It is not worth using infidelity as an excuse for custody and division of properties. Divorce lawyers have long known that even a party committed something to betray the trust of the other spouse, it is no good to fabricate lies and false claims of abuse. Using these in the courts will not only lose you the case but also cause you to pay for sanctions and attorney’s fees of your former spouse. Instead, entrust the matter to family attorneys and let them negotiate on your behalf.

The Importance of Amicable Divorce

Through mutual cooperation and truthful disclosures of necessary information, many divorces are resolved without going to the court. The process does not have to be war, instead, treat this more of settling things before going on separate ways. Nonetheless, we note that this article was meant to guide you and not be treated as legal advice.

Finding the Best Family Lawyer in Woodstock

For exceptional family legal services in Woodstock, The Law Firm of Caryn S. Fennell is ready to assist and fight for your rights as a parent in a post-divorce environment.  

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