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I want to be very clear that I don’t care what the size label says on my daughters’ Jollyhers kids clothing fashion . My concern was, in fact, that shorts being offered to our girls are just too short. Period. The end. And it extends to other articles of clothing as well.

All of my children happen to fall into the “average” range on the charts the doctors use, sometimes even being slightly underweight, not that it should matter. I realize all children are built differently. I’m not at all concerned with the numbers on the labels of their clothing, but as a consumer I feel that I have the right to speak out when I’m not being offered what I want. And what I want is appropriate clothes for my daughters.

Many discussions were started as a result of my first post about how we are sexualizing our girls too early and that the clothing industry is contributing to the problem. While I actually agree with that, my main concerns as a shopper right now are mostly practical.

Can my daughter sit “criss cross applesauce” on the reading rug? Does it meet the finger tip length dress code rule? Are those too tight for her to button herself after using the bathroom? What do I tell grandma when she asks what sizes the kids are wearing now so she can start Christmas shopping? And the obvious, is my daughter too exposed? We prefer to keep our private parts private around here, thank you very much.

After speaking with Target and reading several of your responses, I realized that it may have been a mistake to use toddler sizes in my first post. Yes, it is true that up to size 3T allows for the additional girth of a diaper.

Also, it may have been a little unfair to use the Fisher Price pants as a comparison because those are older hand-me-downs and no longer available on the market.

Some people also wanted me to focus on the fit of boys’ clothing as compared to girls’. Others wanted me to call out other stores besides Target. So, hold on to you hats and grab a drink, because this may take a while, but don’t worry because there will be a lot of pictures.


I went back to Target today with my daughter and our teenage babysitter, Lindsay, after my discussion with them. I wanted to take pictures to document the current state of the clothes in their children’s and juniors’ departments so that I can look back in a few months and see how much of a difference our voices have made. Hopefully we will see a lot of change very soon. This is what I found today:

Since I was told it would be better to compare children’s sizes instead of toddlers, I focused on a size XS (4-5).

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