Special Riding Experience with 2016 new Airwheel popular folding urban ebike

Airwheel electric scooter series brings tech intelligence to improve life quality, transforming the way of living.

The invention of Airwheel follows the trend with its powerful tech-intelligence that plays an important role in improving riding experience. Unlike traditional vehicles, Airwheel electric scooter is capable of providing comfortable and premium riding experience for Airwheel riders. The tactful application of high-tech innovations not only elevates product quality, but also contributes to tech-intelligence- a brilliant feature shared by all Airwheel electric scooters and e bikes. Airwheel can react to different situations intelligently and today the special riding experience with Airwheel folding ebike will be discussed. https://twitter.com/AirwheelCZ/status/777420871422009346

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Many riders commonly feel the intelligence of Airwheel folding electric bike which helps and protects riders throughout the whole riding journey like a considerate friend. Airwheel E bikes realizes App fault self-diagnosis and setting speed, besides the basic functions like real-time positioning and data checking etc. 300W powerful customized high performance hub motor, integrating the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking system to the 8inch wheels, offers more powerful and stable force.

For every new Airwheel rider, the built-in intelligent chip can automatically regulate the scooter to better help the rider keep a good balance, and the intelligent chip can be compared to the brain of the scooter that improves its tech intelligence in order to facilitate people ride easily and comfortably. The new released Airwheel E6 and E3 electric powered bicycle is specially designed with an electronic braking system that can react to any emergency brakes within seconds, significantly minimizing the risk of sharp brakes and protecting riders from getting hurt. https://www.facebook.com/airwheeltechnology/videos/1077154825667776/

Multiple folding system is to provide riders a brand-new riding experience, for instance, E6 smart electric bike, featured by slim X shaped body, quick fold system with the folding size 950mm×456mm×160mm and 14.15kg item weight, enables you to weave through freely in the crowed and E3 foldable electric bike selects the innovative “double O” design making E3 as small as a backpack.

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Sep 28, 2016