Spelling It Out For Your Career-An Insiders Look at Modern Challenges and Solutions with Work and Life

Author, actor and executive Julieanne O’Connor revisits the “Spelling It Out” series, tapping lifetime work and career experiences to provide secrets to living your dreams and passions.

Author, actor and executive Julieanne O’Connor dissects and simplifies modern work frustrations, challenges and solutions in her second book, “Spelling It Out for Your Career,” providing experienced insight for those employed but unhappy, and inspiration for individuals seeking new opportunities. The second installment of the “Spelling It Out” series offers insider secrets to living dreams and passions from someone most excited by studying and chronicling the human experience.

This is not the typical look-for-work or canned-career-advice book. It’s an 11-part sometimes spiritual, always inspirational guidebook aimed at getting individuals to think deeply about careers, why precisely they may want to pursue certain types of work, and why anyone can secure a career that earns them a living while at the same time living life the way it is meant to be lived.

"Reading this book helped me to renew my passions and has given me the motivation I needed at a time when I was at a career crossroads. Such an easy read, I breezed through it and could not put it down,” noted Fanci Sue, program director with World Institute of Sustainability and Education.

"Whether you're embarking on a new career, starting fresh out of the gate so-to-speak, or reinventing yourself, this is the book to read,” said Clemist Jackson, a manager with Liberty Mutual. “It's enabling and refreshingly written, laced with real life inspiration."

Peppering the book’s many sections with quotes from famous people and examples from her own widely varied career, O’Connor provides insight into career opportunities, disaster and disappointments, others’ opinions, closed opportunities, fears, preparation, business relationships, humility, enthusiasm and more. Offering real examples from her true life experiences, O’Connor colors sections with a vision about jobs, and direction on making adjustments to career-seeking approaches.

“If your approach is not working, take a look at how human you are seeming in your approach, and make small adjustments that can create big change,” O’Connor wrote in Part 4, “Slammed Doors.” In the next part, “Is This Really Necessary,” she summarized, “Most people spend a tremendous amount of time worrying about things that never actually come to fruition … Imaginary fears frequently keep people imprisoned within their own minds. In most cases facing your fears will help you to quickly overcome them.”

The 160-page book is published by Martin Sisters Publishing and is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and soon will be available via Kindle, iPad/iPhone, Nook and Kobo. For more information visit http://spellingitout.com; or follow online at Facebook.com/Spellingitout, Twitter.com/SpellingIt or Pinterest.com/SpellingItOut.

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Julieanne O'Connor is the author of “Spelling It Out for Your Man: Insider Secrets to Sex, Love and Attraction” and “Spelling It Out for Your Career: Insider Secrets to Living Your Dreams and Passions." Host of Transforming Relationships, an entrepreneur, actor, spokesperson, business owner, wife, mother and philanthropist, she has been honored for speeches and performances, as well as for contributions in business, and she has been featured on countless radio shows. Julieanne has started companies, sold companies, worked in corporate America, appeared in national commercials, on syndicated television shows, modeled abroad and has been hired, fired and quit jobs in high and low level positions. She shares real world insights taken straight from her life and is devoted to helping people embrace their humanity and imperfections.

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Spelling It Out is a book series by author, actor and executive Julieanne O'Connor. She is the author of “Spelling It Out for Your Man: Insider Secrets to Sex, Love and Attraction” and “Spelling It Out for Your Career: Insider Secrets to Living Your Dream

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Jan 21, 2015