Symbiosis Center for International Education: Making the World a Global Village

The SCIE is an integral part of the University, providing leadership and support to internationalize the campus and the curricula.

Globalization has made the world a small place. Be it tourism, education, or business, globalization has revolutionized every sector. In the events of globalization, India is not far behind. Indian citizens have not left any chance to showcase the culture of India internationally whenever the need be. Sports, arts, business, everywhere Indians have left their mark. Such is the impact that India has seen the arrival of foreign nationals in great number for education, health or recreation. Foreign nationals are now eager and interested to explore the Indian culture even more. Resultant is the success of the tourism industry. After tourism, if there is a sector that has seen an ever rising number of foreign nationals is the education sector.


The vast opportunities and the curiosity to know more about the rich Indian culture has made foreign nationals to flock to India in large numbers. The Indian education system has also seen this as an opportunity, and manyuniversity in India for international students has been set up. Amidst all this, there exists an institute which aims at making India a home for international students. The Symbiosis Center for International Education is the institute that has been making a constant effort to provide the international students with quality education and also introduce them to the Indian culture.


SCIE is situated in the city of Pune, the city which is very well-known as the 'Oxford of East'. SCIE follows the concept of 'Global Classroom', as students from all over the world come under one roof. Because it is an international institute, the students of SCIE get a chance to befriend students from around the world giving them a global exposure. When a student decides to be a part of SCIE, Pune, the institute makes sure that everything from the admission of foreign students in India to the time they graduate is taken care of. Till now, students from over 85 countries have become a part of the SCIE family.


The institute offers a bachelor's and master's degree in courses of media, management, law, computer studies, engineering, and many more. The international seminars, cultural activities, workshops, etc makes sure that both the students and teachers gain an international outlook. SCIE has an interesting program for international students known as 'Study India Program' which is basically a variation of 'Summer School' concept. Here the international students are given a chance to know and understand the Indian culture closely. The institute makes sure that the international students do not get alienated and get accustomed to the Indian society. For this every international student is given an opportunity to befriend an Indian student who introduces them to the many aspects of the Indian culture.


SCIE is a milestone in the education system of India, introducing its unique mode of teaching and education thus placing India on the global map.



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Feb 18, 2017