The 2010 Ben Rye Donnafugata Is Available To UK Wine Connoisseurs

The WineTrust has ensured stock of the celebrated and scarce vintage remains available at an accessible price.

The grape cultivating technique unique to the island of Pantelleria has recently been awarded the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage status in recognition of its historical and cultural significance. Those who appreciate the finest of wines the world has to offer would not disagree with the validity of this, least of all in the light of the 2010 vintage Ben Ryé from Donnafugata. This particular year Ben Rye has been celebrated as one of the finest wines to come from Sicily, and the WineTrust are delighted to be able to ensure connoisseurs and collectors are able to access it.

The 2010 Ben Ryé Donnafugata is one of the finest end of evening, contemplative wines to ever have hailed from an area renowned for producing the best in the world. The consequence of this has been above average demand levels, which has seen supply and availability dwindle. The 'sold out' sign is already appearing at some of the best known American wine sellers, and there are reports of escalating prices for this wine in Australia and across mainland Europe.

Fortunately for wine lovers in the UK the WineTrust has taken measures to ensure that the 2010 Ben Ryé Donnafugata can be comfortably obtained, enjoyed and appreciated. The experts at the WineTrust identified this one as being superior at an early stage, so secured ample stock ahead of the anticipated demand. This has allowed the WineTrust to ensure they can offer the 2010 Ben Ryé Donnafugata to customers at both stable and sensible pricing.

The WineTrust, founded by John Valentine, was created by wine lovers for wine lovers. The company has built up a dedicated, ever increasing customer base, providing the finest selection of wines from around the world at affordable pricing. The WineTrust are committed to ensuring that scarce, in demand wines, such as the 2010 Ben Ryé, are available at a reasonable, sensible cost.

Many would argue there is no such thing as a bad Donnafugata wine, but some of their vintages shine even against their own superior standards. The 2010 Ben Ryé is a classic example of this. The harvesting conditions on Pantelleria were perfect, and this is reflected and personified in the wine. Those in the UK who have a genuine appreciation for the finest of wines will no doubt be aware of how highly considered and praised this wine is and will want to experience it. The WineTrust are proud to make this opportunity available.

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Mar 20, 2015