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The London Treasure Hunt The Great Game is the only hunt in the city where you are challenged to find actual treasure.

The London Treasure Hunt The Great Game is the only hunt in the city where you are challenged to find actual treasure. The treasure is a great pub at which all detectives will receive 20% off their total food and drink bill, the only question being can you find the treasure? You must successfully navigate the clues sheet in order to do so. 

This treasure hunt London has two great locations. The first being in the heart of the city starting from the steps of The Royal Exchange Building right outside Bank underground station, it has two routes one leads north exploring the modern city contrasted against the old Roman ruins of the original settlement. The second works its way south and onto the vibrant South Bank before coming back to the city for the treasure. Both routes are the same distance in length and have the same starting and finishing points so players can team up and race – this has been a big hit for celebrations and corporate days out! The treasure for the city is an historical pub with an amazing story linking it to some famous landmarks. 

The second location of the treasure hunt London is Westminster. It starts outside Westminster underground station and by the base of Big Ben. One route snakes up Whitehall and explores the touristy areas around St James Park and Buckingham Palace. The other starts off with the main sights of Westminster but then heads off into its lesser known back streets, think you know Westminster? You’ll be sure to find somewhere new on these routes. Both end of at an authentic Victoria pub nicely tucked away so it’s not completely rammed with people. 

How does The Great Game treasure hunt London work? Every detective receives a pack in which is a clues sheet, map, compass and prize envelope to be opened only when sat it the pub after successfully completing it (this contains a local area history and guide as well as some final teasers all to take in over some quality food and drink and discounted prices!). The clues sheet consists of puzzles, codes, riddles, orienteering work and pictures. You must pull on all your skills to solve the clues there is a wide range of clues of differing difficulty so everyone can get involved and feel challenged. 

The London treasure hunt has a unique feature called the Codebreaker. This is a series of photographs of points on each route, you will be hinted at when to look out for this and once spotted must final in the blanked out word or number, all of these together will give you co-ordinates for where to draw an X on the map and reveal where the treasure is! 

So what are you waiting for? Find out why everyone is talking about this treasure hunt in London for yourself. Check out for all information and to buy your pack now. We wish you the best of luck and happy hunting! 

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Sep 25, 2017