The History of Custom Screen Printing on T Shirts

Screen printing can be called silk printing due to the procedure used to transfer the ink on the surface including paper wood stone, & most generally nowadays garments like t shirts.

Screen printing continues to be around considerably longer than most folks might believe, even though it's now a commonly employed technique to use color and design to clothes. The original records of printing on almost any content may be dated as far back as 960 AD in China. Screen printing can be called silk printing due to the procedure used to transfer the ink on the surface including paper, wood, stone, & most generally nowadays, garments like t-shirts. A display consisted of silk can be used to assist filter color onto t-shirts, tote bags, and many other things. Enthusiasts of just about anything ranging from a favorite sports team, a musical band, as well as a TV or film favorite is now able to be bought on t-shirts, all thanks to the screen printing process.


960 1280 ADVERTISING:Members of the Sung Dynasty interval started printing designs and patterns using stencils.


The late 1700s:Display or silk printing was initially brought to Western Europe, but it was rare because silk wasn't as easily obtainable.


1853:The World’s Fair hosted an exhibit of Japanese silk screens, and these great prints brought lots of focus and admiration for the art form.


1907:Samuel Simon patented the initial screen printing system in Manchester, England, which was most usually placed on wallpaper and expensive materials. He used rubber bands or squeegees, which are still popular in the screen printing process now.


1910-1915:Printers started using substances that reacted to light and mixed them with gelatin to generate a more defined look with their uses.


The 1930s:The National Serigraph Society was formed to significantly help signify the difference between screen printing in industrial uses, and screen printing as artwork. In 1930, an American artist named Guy Maccoy was credited with creating the very first initial work of art using screen printing as a logical arrangement as an alternative to only using it for replicas.

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