The Law Office of Steve Cedillos Defends RTO with Honolulu Criminal/Family Law Attorney

The Law Office of Steve Cedillos is equipped with a knowledgable and professional Honolulu attorney and provides defense against restraining orders.

The Law Office of Steve Cedillos, a criminal/family law law firm situated in Hawaii, USA and defending clients in various criminal charges including theft, murder, rape, assault, and more, is open to defend restraining orders issued against clients in criminal matters with the legal knowledge and the experience of its Honolulu attorney. Different options available to fight against domestic violence, sexual abuse or restraining orders will be discussed . The Law Office of Steve Cedillos remains accessible for legal consultation with its licensed Honolulu criminal/family law attorney who has wide scale experience in defending people against temporary restraining orders. The attorney presents the respondent's story in a strong and persuasive style and strives to get the orders dissolved if possible.

A protection order, also known as a restraining order is one of the easiest things to apply for and obtain in Honolulu. It is a court issued order to enjoin the respondent from terrorizing or threatening another person and can be a blot on his/her public record. It may leave that person waiting for a criminal accusation or a criminal arrest. Sometimes the protective order can end an employee’s career or have the effect of making someone leave their own home. Restraining orders bring a lot of difficulty including danger of violation for the restrained person. All of a sudden, going to the home of the cohabitant, visiting a child unexpectedly at his/her school or sending an emotional text message can lead to violation of the order and a police call. False entrapment may occur in your case too. A false complaint while the restraining order is in place may result in a violation charge which will go against you in domestic violence cases. However, the Honolulu criminal/family law attorney of the Law Office of Steve Cedillos is ready to go to court and defend your restraining order with proper evidence and support. It will argue your side of the story in a persuasive manner and strive for a dismissal.

“The effect of a protection order on a respondent can be addressed with the help of a Honolulu criminal attorney who knows what evidence to present in the court and how to argue the case. A proper defense against a restraining order is necessary to fight for your good name. That is why our Honolulu attorney is serious in defending you against such an order and keeping your record clean.

To defend yourself against restraining orders in Honolulu, you can call the Honolulu lawyer at The Law Office of Steve Cedillos anytime. For scheduling a legal consultation with the lawyer you can call us at 808-536-5242.

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The Law Offices of Steve Cedillos has a Honolulu criminal and family law attorney to help people who are hit with restraining orders. Steve Cedillos has over 20 years of experience in criminal/family law matters and is ready with compassionate support and precise strategy to defend you against temporary restraining orders.

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