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Science defines vitamins as a group of organic substances (mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen), which are absent in the body, but, nevertheless, required to maintain normal life and a good human being.

The main objectives of vitamins:- To maintain smooth operation of metabolism (flowing in our bodies day and night);- Catalyze (accelerate) chemical reactions;- Neutralize nasty fall outside - especially the free radicals (because of them we age) and carcinogens (cause cancer).

Even a century ago, and humanity could suggest that in addition to the usual food our body needs something else: psychologists were convinced that the food should consist of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, water and mineral salts. That did not stop for travelers who have missed all of this, check your trip, died of scurvy.

And when the first lucky ones to recover from scurvy few drops of seemingly useless lemon juice or a decoction of pine needles, science scratched his head and took to correct their own mistakes.

Of course, vitamin deficiency can be compensated by taking them apart. But how exactly this should be done? The ordinary man, not burdened with medical knowledge, is a prisoner of the three myths about vitamins.

The first - that all the necessary vitamins are waiting for you at the nearest market in the role of fruits and vegetables. In principle, this is almost true - the problem is only in the dosage. Are you ready to eat every day, 2.5 kg of apples, half a kilo of carrots, the same amount of peanuts, and sweet - a kilogram of melons and bananas?

The second myth: multivitamin preparations are harmful because it "chemistry". But even your own body (as, indeed, the whole world) - no more than a collection of chemical elements. But seriously, manufacturers of tablets, without being enemies of the consumer, has long been "packaged" to vitamins are not synthetic and natural origin: C extracted from rose hips, A - carrot, and E - oyster.

The third myth: cheap domestic vitamins is not worse than the imported ones. At the same time no one takes into account that between the "Mercedes" and "Ferrari", except for the price, there are other differences ... If you look closely to the compositions and dosage, you'll be surprised how sharply reduced (or even disappear altogether), the price difference.

In addition, the makers of expensive vitamins for some reason do not like to trace, and yet without them the vitamins simply do not digest and leaves the body as easily as it gets.

Modern vitamin boom began in 1930, when it was discovered vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid) - the most famous and consumed in the world, a unique stimulant and energizer. Interestingly, it new properties is still open. With - a charge of vital energy, enhanced immunity, anti-stress factor and a healthy skin glow.

In addition to the undoubted merits of their own is a small miracle protects body cells from oxidation and other vitamins. It is this vitamin (in conjunction with the curative B5, E, and RR) are added in most of the cosmetics to the skin in order to protect it from wrinkles, cracks and premature aging.

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