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Gold has always been seen as the ideal safe haven for investors. In both stable and volatile market conditions gold is regarded as the most assured insurance policy for a long term investment portfolio. Perhaps uniquely, this relates to the commodity from both a buying and selling perspective. Gaining safety - and of course investment reward - is dependent on knowing and understanding when in the market the best time is to sell, to buy or to hold on to reserves. In these early stages of 2015, consulting with a market analyst or financial advisor is essential to ensure investors make an informed decision. Whether buying or selling gold, UK Bullion are the trusted name for providing assured, live and transparent pricing.

The unique nature of the gold market means that being volatile at times is not necessarily a negative factor. Despite marked fluctuations in the market so far in the year to date the increased participation in gold trading affirms the view that many - from sole investors through to nations - see gold as a safe insurance policy. A number of market commentators believe that the conditions are good for buying gold at present. The increased activity in the commodities market throughout January and early February certainly supports this observation. A factor drawing more to the gold market is the recent fall in confidence in other forms of investment which were previously considered as being safe.

Government Bonds have long been seen as the only real rival to gold as a safe haven investment. They are, however, no longer a preferred choice in the market. This is understandable when one considers that a number of the more prominent Government Bonds issued by European nations are now featuring a negative rate. The net result of this is that it now costs the investor to take out a standard five year Bond - hardly the sort of rate of return one would expect. Negative yields on the presumed to be safe investment of Government Bonds has, in the experience of UK Bullion, served to firmly re-establish gold as the safest and preferential option.

The great draw of the gold market at this stage is the significant - yet pragmatic - approach being taken to buying gold by the major market forces. Russia, China and India have traditionally been seen as the leading purchasers of gold, and in the present day this remains the case. The amount of gold being purchased by these three nations is substantial, but not at a level which would cause a panic. All three nations are currently buying gold at levels which is seeing a steady paced increase in the pricing as a consequence, with controlled purchasing preventing a dangerous, unsustainable spike.

Investors and market commentators see gold as the steady and safe option in the present market. Gaining an advantage in this commodity market is, of course, only possible by the use of trusted and reputable bullion dealer. UK Bullion has a proud record of being both. The company offers a peerless service in terms of transparent, live pricing being honoured, as well as providing either insured delivery or secured storage for the gold. UK Bullion is the name trusted by both long term professional investors and those new to the commodities market.

Gold has always been viewed as a long term safe haven for investors. In the present economic climate, the appeal of this is significant. Choosing a reputable gold dealer for transactions, such as UK Bullion, ensures that whether one decides to buy or sell they have the assurance of trusted, fair pricing and services.

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Feb 12, 2015