The timepiece of the future? Inspired by function, Designed for comfort

My watch looks to be the next trend. It is a different design that works! No more crown marks! You won't believe how comfortable this watch is!

   People love watches. They’re fashionable as well as functional. And a great way to express your personality. But what people don’t love is the way they dig into your hand when your wrist is bent. So we set out to design a watch that wouldn’t irritate your hand, but was still stylish and unique. The result is the Morimoto Edge. Powered by a reliable and precise Miyota Quartz Caliber, with a beveled crystal and a beautiful cross-stitch leather band, the Morimoto Edge combines comfort with a truly unique design.

   Brandon Hnedak, 26 graduated from Cal State San Marcos in May 2016. And like a lot of young Millennials he dreamed of being an entrepreneur. His passion has always been watches. So he set out to solve a problem he noticed with how round watches dug into the back of his hand when he bent his wrist. His design inspiration came from the past.

   “I really picked up on the popularity of Steampunk in the last 5 years of living in San Diego. If you keep an eye on the latest trends, you can’t help but notice a retro feel becoming more and more popular in teens and young adults” said Hnedak.

   Starting with a series of sketches, he came up with his unique, three-quarter-moon shape, thereby eliminating the right edge of the watch. He researched the web and found a company in Guangzhou, China that would build a prototype. After several rounds of long distance modifications, he got the shape he wanted. Next he chose a Miyota Quartz movement, which in known to be reliable and precise. For the band, he chose calf leather with a decorative cross-stitch design.

   He named his company, Morimoto Watch Company. His first product is the Edge. A half moon watch inspired by function but designed for comfort.

   His unique design immediately caught the attention of the watch blog,, saying:

“A lot of micro-brand watches out there offer great products at competitive prices but are usually a variety on a familiar theme… The vast majority are minimalist designs, and that is why Edge is so exciting!”

“The half moon shape of the case works surprisingly well.”

“The diamond stitching is a subtle detail, yet really bring the looks of this watch to a higher level.”

“All combined is the Morimoto Edge a pleasantly priced, and creative watch, that pushes affordable watch design into a new dimension.”

   Hnedak plans to launch his Kickstarter campaign for the Morimoto Edge March 13th 2017. The watch will start at $49 with free shipping in the US. His crowd funding campaign will be up for 30 days.

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We set out to design watches with one factor in mind. Comfort. Wrist watches are beautiful, but they aren't always comfortable. We would like to change that. Our first design is called the EDGE since it sits on the edge of your wrist. Fashionable for men

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Mar 19, 2017

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