Timberline Wood Water Stoves Offer Affordable Wood Burning Pool Heaters Online

Timberline Wood Water Stoves – a leading manufactures & distributer of water heating products worldwide offer affordable and competent wood burning pool heating solutions to its customers.

Once you’ve built a swimming-pool because your children were hounding you for a way to keep cool and have entertainment throughout the hot summer, it mayn’t have occurred to you what alternatives you may have throughout the cooler winter periods. Winter months can be annoying since swimming is a great way to keep your body fit. One certain way to get rid of this cold weather obstruction is to invest on a quality wood burning pool heater manufactured by Timberline Wood Water Stoves.




“Made of AISI 430 Stainless steel, our wood burning pool heaters are the ideal substitute to high electricity or gas utility bills. With our exceptional design, you acquire a return flow into your swimming-pool which is heated immediately by 4 to 20 degrees (relying on your heater size). Not just is the tunning expenditure of the heater is free of cost because any type of wood can be employed, but you don’t have to pay a gas-propane company or electrician to set up your heater and operate gas pipes. Since no gas or electricity connections are required, our wood fired pool heater is the clear choice for prolonging your swimming season and relishing your Spring and Summer months without the concern of costly utility bills and cool climate spell destroying your plans. Our wood burning heater will heat your pool quicker and for much less money compared to a propane unit. it’ll also heat your residential hot water- saving you another $30 to 60 a month” said a spokesperson of Timberline Wood Water Stoves.




Our wood burning pool heater feature a large firebox and can accommodate big size wood and keep them running for hours. Wood burns at its best when it’s burnt quick and that’s exactly what our heater will accomplish. Until your swimming pool arrives at the temperature you wish, the string of heat exchangers inside the firebox will persist to detain the temperature from the fire. The units also feature an ash drawer that offers the ability to modify the air intake hence the power of the flame within the box. All of our wood burning pool heating units also avail with a chimney damper to adjust the burn rate.



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Wood Water Stoves is owned & operated by Timberline, which manufactures & distributes water heating products worldwide. They provide a wide array of well built and designed wood fired hot tub heaters for sale at a genuine price.For more information visit- http://www.woodwaterstoves.com/inferno-wood-fired-pool-heater-p-5.html




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