Time to join RSorder 2016 Christmas Carnival for 60% off runescape 2007 gold on Dec. 9

Time to join RSorder 2016 Christmas Carnival for 60% off runescape 2007 gold on Dec. 9

Old School Runescape players have a new continent to explore with runescape gold 2007 and the release of the first region revealed called Zeah. Players will be able to access Zeah beginning today, with the second three regions to be launched over the next twelve months.

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Featuring the city of Great Kourend, this first section of Zeah sees players choose from one of five factions caught in an attritive fight for dominance across the metropolis. Allegiances then allow players to earn reputation to access new content. RuneScape gold. In addition to obtaining new weapons and armour, players will be called upon to combat local criminal gangs, defend the city from the pervasive lizard man threat, and smuggle contraband onto the city's streets.

Then there is the "if you don't enjoy it, don't play it" nonsense. It is not that botters don't enjoy the game. It's they don't enjoy the boring shit of the game - as with everyone else by the way. As I said, ask any runescape player "are you having fun clicking that same spot over again?". Then see what they say.

Don't get me wrong runescape is good. I play it. I don't bot (I did bot). But I get my fun from conversing as much as possible to avoid the boredom of clicking over and over again in order to get something that is decent and rewarding despite the fact what I get isn't worth all the hours put into the game. Back in 07, the game was good because of the community. OSRS still isn't what it used to be simply because the community that once existed no longer do.If you participated in a LoL tournament where the prize was $10k, would you be mad if someone won because they gave the judges money on Runescape? It's the same thing. Deadman mode isn't Old School and so you shouldn't have an advantage because you are better in Old School.

Deadman Tournament

Ignoring the fact that League does have different gamemodes, but remember that realistically, it gives an equal advantage to people who play a lot as well, so the argument that it gives people with less time to play a chance is very weak to be honest. It's not based upon how much they can play Deadman, but how much money they have in Old School, so it's kind of a mute point.I just used League as an example because I know it's very competetive and fair. Deadman, as it stands, is not. Even the winner of the Deadman Tournament said he swapped and used an alt to make and keep potions in.

eiving a 50% buff all round, meaning that where it gives +4 Magic Attack Bonus, it will now give +6. This 50% increase also applies to its imbued form, meaning that instead of a +8 bonus, when imbued it now provides +12 Magic Attack Bonus.

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