Top Technological Breakthroughs of Airwheel E6 Electric Smart Foldable Bike

Airwheel E6 smart electric folding bike is a successful scooter type and it has made several technological breakthroughs, including exclusive APP, C-AT vehicle control system, intelligent EBS brake system and double vibration system.

Airwheel E6 smart electric folding bike opens a brand-new and fashionable travel style. It solves such problems as difficult parking and congested traffic. More importantly, it brings great convenience to people’s life. The great success of Airwheel E6 smart electric folding bike mainly benefits from several technological breakthroughs, such as exclusive C-AT vehicle control system, intelligent EBS brake system or double vibration system and so on. The following will explain them one after another.

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Speaking of exclusive APP, it can be downloaded from official website and installed in the phone. On the one hand, it can record the real-time state of Airwheel E6 folding E bike, including riding speed, battery quantity, positioning and mileage. On the other hand, the APP can check the malfunction by itself, which ensures the riding safety. What is C-AT vehicle control system? It is great achievement that has been through thousands of tests. Finally, it has found the balance point between operability and stability.

Once the vector current controller starts, a better power scheme will be calculated automatically. In the emergency brake, Airwheel E6 folding E bike will gain a quick, accurate, stable and safe brake, which is also called intelligent EBS brake system. When it comes to double vibration system, it gives Airwheel E6 folding E bike much more confidence to challenge some bumpy road conditions in city. Based on such a system, riders will get stable and comfortable riding experience.

Now that Airwheel E6 electric folding bike offers high riding safety and comfortable riding experience, it must enjoy wide applications in people’s daily life. Generally speaking, people can ride it to any destinations in their life, such as school, company, supermarket or shopping mall and so on. What is more, it is totally free from difficult parking, for it owns multiple folding system. That is to say, it can be folded and put in a bag easily. It greatly facilitates the life.

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Nov 17, 2016