UK Memorial Service Provide 100 Free Letters On Headstones

The long serving memorial masons design and create distinguished headstones designed to stand for many years

The choice of a fitting epitaph to have inscribed on a headstone can be a daunting and quite emotional one to make. The inscription chosen will be a permanent part of remembering the deceased, as these will be the words which greet those who come to visit their final resting place. One factor which should not influence the selection of an inscription is the cost of having it carried out. UK Memorial Service have the greatest respect for this view, and to show support for it are presently offering 100 free letters on the headstones their memorial masons create.

With an epitaph standing as a permanent and enduring memorial to the deceased the words used are just as important as the durable quality of the headstone on which they appear. The words which appear should do so only after careful consideration. The choice of words should not be dictated to by the cost of placement.

UK Memorial Service is happy to offer the one hundred free letters for headstones as part of their commitment to supporting the bereaved. The team at the company hope that this extra added service enables the friends and family members of the deceased to put in place an inscription which is fitting, apt and suitable. As the memorial masons at the company are accredited by both NAMM and BRAMM.

Since 1979 UK Memorial Service has been one of the most trusted and respect names form providing headstones and other forms of memorial to the country. Their use of the highest grades of granite and marble available is matched by an approach which sees the price of them kept to affordable and accessible levels. The accredited memorial masons know the value which their work brings to both the bereaved and to communities. Headstones created by them always reflect respect for this value.

In order to ensure that all can access the one hundred free letters UK Memorial Service have made the offer available to both those who visit them in person and through their online service. UK Memorial Service recently updated their web service, providing a more expanded range and allowing online access to a larger amount of options. Further discounts are routinely made available through the UK Memorial Service website.

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UK Memorial Service are home to the leading BRAMM and NAAM accredited masons working today. They provide dignified and enduring memorials at affordable prices.

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Jun 20, 2016