Video consult a home improvement professional on demand

Spojiti helps you to save money and time by connecting you to a home-improvement professional on-demand basis. You can video consult an expert in just a few minutes and fix the problem by yourself without breaking the bank.

Spojiti provides a platform for homeowners and home improvement professionals to connect with each other and be mutually benefited.

For all those who are tired of paying exceedingly high costs for home repair services and just want a hassle-free solution – Spojiti is a new professional service app that connects homeowners with home-improvement professionals within minutes. From your A/C malfunctioning to a leaking faucet, all you have to do is open Spojiti mobile app and video consult an expert instantly to solve your problem.

Besides service call charges, home improvement service professionals charge heavy amount even to fix a small problem. In most of the cases, the solution is quite simple and homeowners can fix it on their own with proper guidance. The guidance required may very specific to your problem and may not be quickly available on how-to videos online. Spojiti fill this gap by providing access to the expert guidance instantly via an easy to use mobile app. The best part about Spojiti is that it solves the two basic problems with the home improvement industry – High costs and time constraints. Spojiti charges customers by the minute so they have to only pay for the amount of time they consult a professional. Spojiti is accessible 24x7.

Spojiti app is simple to use - open the app and then select the service that you need help for. The various services offered include Air conditioning professional, plumber, auto care, electrician, handyman, and computer professional. You will be instantly connected to an expert who will then help you. Under the guidance of our trained experts, you can then fix your problems by yourself and at the very least you would know magnitude of the problem.

Spojiti Pro, on the other hand, help home-improvement professionals to make the most out of their time. They can earn extra money during their free time without requiring them to travel to work site. They can work when they like and how they like without anyone bossing them around. It allows such experts to sign up for free so that they can work from home without any pressure or excessive traveling.

Spojiti Pro app is easy to understand. Professionals can sign-up on the app for free and select the skill set they are qualified for. Go online when ready to work and then all they have to do is wait for a homeowner to connect with them over a video call. Guide and help the customer to solve the problem and get paid. It’s that easy!

The team behind our initiative is working constantly to ensure that the homeowners get the best possible service. Customers get an option to rate and review the service call. We use these inputs to analyze our service and work on providing an even better experience in the future. This also helps us to evaluate our home-improvement professionals.

Spojiti and Spojiti Pro are free to download and are available on both the App Store and Google Play.


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Spojiti helps you earn extra money while sitting at your home. Spread the skills your are good at and get paid for that! If you are HVAC professional, Plumber, Mechanic, Electrician, Handyman or Computer Professional we need you. Simply register and wait

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