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All pillows have two components: the insert and the cover. The pillow insert or the pillow form is the one that provides shape to a pillow. It can be an uncovered pillows those requirements to be covered. It can also be a covered pillow however the cover is plain so it needs a decorative cover.

There are different kinds of insert. These are:

1. Down Insert This is made from feathers and downs of waterfowls like ducks and geese. It is the most expensive simply because of its very good quality. It can give your pillow a lovely loft. Also, its softness can provide a luxurious feeling that can match your shape.

This is perfect for silk covers and other wealthy cover fabrics. The rich cover fabric will make it look more elegant and luxurious. You can also add styles to your pillows with down inserts in addition to creating use of silk covers.

Down insert can be natural or synthetic. Natural is much more expensive than the synthetic. If you will buy 1, examine it first. Not all inserts are equal so you must feel them to verify which 1 has sufficient fill and which one is fluffy and soft.

The only bad thing about this is that it is not fitted for all individuals. Those who have allergies cannot use this simply because the fillings are made from feathers. Feathers are dusty, thus, they are not good for sensitive individuals. They will just intensify the allergy of a person.

2. Polyester Insert This is the most economical that you can use. It can retain its shape and it can be maintained effortlessly. Furthermore, it can be used by anyone, even these who have allergies. It is more expensive than ordinary poly fill but is cheaper than down pillow.

This is much better than foam because of its capability to retain its shape. Foam is extremely inexpensive; nevertheless, if it is more than used, it will flatten.

3. Bamboo Insert This is new to the market. It is more expensive than foam and polyester but is less costly than down. It has soft, silky texture and it can really feel like a down. Also, it is made from renewable sources.

The great factor about it is that it is antibacterial. Like the polyester, it can also be used by individuals who have allergy. Because it is against bacteria, then the possibility of intensifying any allergy is low.

There are other types of inserts aside from the three. Cottons, wools, buckwheat hulls and kapok are accessible also. It is up to you to choose which pillow insert you will use. Just remember that you must choose the best choice.

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Feb 21, 2017