Ways to Check: Has My Site Has Been Hacked?

Find out three easy and simple ways to check whether your site has been hacked or not.

No matter how much you are alert to protect your website, there are some advance hackers always look to hack your sites through any possible ways. Even the most alert administrator is not able to monitor their site 100% all the time. Moreover, the best monitoring tools fails, because of their delay checking or scan. And later you find that your site has been hacked. So what are the other sources through which you can check whether your site has been hacked or not?

Well, here are some tips that will help you identify your site have been hacked/infected or not:

1 - Google Chrome (or another browser) Will Alerts You About The Hack

When you visit your website on Chrome browser and if display the message “Phishing Attack Ahead” or “The site ahead contains malware”.

The above warning messages specify that your site has been hacked and it is used for phishing. A user gets email with a URL that contain malicious link when they visit your website. A hacker is using your site to trick users into taking some action so that they can spread malware on users system when they visit site.

2 - Google Search Results Flag Your Site as Hacked or Harmful

If you or one of your site visitors see the following messages in the Google search results, then it is likely that your site has been hacked:

·        “This Site May Be Hacked”

·        “This Site May Harm Your Computer”

Google removes such sites from their search result. But in few cases the site may still be showing in search result, but it will be flagged with the above mentioned warning messages. And when you proceed with clicking the links on chrome then it will display the above mentioned messages mention in the point no – 1.

3 - Your Anti-malware tool may alert you about the Hack

If you are using any good Anti-malware tool, then it may notify you with an alert that you have been infected. This is the most appropriate and preferred ways to find whether your site has been infected or not.

Some of the malware scanner tool sends you the email alert and therefore it is important for you to keep a close eye on alerts for your websites. Just don’t make a habit of blind spot as you may be receiving lots of alerts. You can adjust the alerts that you want to get emailed from your monitoring software.

Find out why your website get hacked - https://www.pcthreatremoval.net/top-5-common-reasons-website-hacked

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Find out three easy and simple ways to check whether your site has been hacked or not.

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Aug 26, 2016