Ways to Get Email and Social Media Notifications from Tabs in Firefox

Tab Notifier provides you when there is any new activity from a webpage like from social medai or from email

Some people says that multitasking harms more instead of providing good things but some situation occur where you should notice what is happening in your screen, importantly at your browser. There are many users who open several tabs at a time and they only know how boring the process is when they have to jump from one tab to another.

Those who uses Firefox, they can install an add-on which is known as Tab Notifier. This notifier provides you if there is any new activity from a webpage like from social medai or from email. After you install the plugin, you can see a pop-up that occurs when any new activity happens. This is to notice that the application works for most webpages that includes websites and when there is any new information added then it provides a notification.

Now if any one wants to adjust the behavior of the add-on then visit Firefox menu and click on add-ons. Select options beside tab notifier where you will get the setting dialog box. The first is called as Defualt setting where you can change number to seconds who comes up in pop-up boxes. Some other settings are left according to the notifications as it was designed.

The second tab called as Exceptions which comprises of list of any single websites and where the settings have been changed. If you want to do this, press the right button anywhere on the website’s page and after that click on “Configure tab notifier for site”. After doing all these, you can go forward and as you wish you can set the add-ons functions but only for that website. Last tab called as Notification windows, here you can manage the appearances of pop-up box and also can modify the speed of animation with some other properties of notifications.

Hence Tab Notifier is a quick process for everyone who wants to use multitasking process instead of using any other steps. Although this process is not irritating and it offers with full freedom where you want to change from one thing to another or want to move forward. At last tab notifier is very helpful as it provides easy process without disturbing.

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May 29, 2015