What People Have Done for Waste Foam Recycling All over the World

Foam recycling and Styrofoam recycling.

PRnob.com Press Release, 04, August 2015 - Greenmax machines expertize in handling the waste polystyrene foam, such as EPS, XPS, EPP, EPE, PSP and so on. Greemax can be classified into the following series. Apolo series have A-SILO SYSTEM, A-C100, A-C200 and A-SWD SYSTEM. Zeus series is the upgrade of the APOLO series machines. Mars series is hot-melted densifier. The difference is that it can also handle some high density and high mechanical strength. Poseidon series can handle the aluminum cans, beverage bottles, and so on.

EPS recycling

EPS have a wide use in some fields, such as insulation for express package, food packaging, seafood packaging and building places. EPS recycling machines are used widely now. EPS material can be made into other products after processing and handling. EPS recycling need rely on the machines to processing and handling. The waste EPS can be made into pellets and then the pellets can be made into useful products, such as fillers for sofa, pillow and shockproof bag. In addition, EPS can be turned into decorative molding, picture frames and mirror frames.

EPS end products:

INTCO, the decorative molding, mirror frames and picture frames manufacturer, have establish a recycling circle. INTCO buy a large amount of waste EPS all over the world every year, which is one of the largest procurers in the world. The waste EPS can be processed by machines. All these products are made by waste EPS material. The decorative molding have a big market in entertainment decoration and hotel decoration. Meanwhile, picture frames belong to artwork and mirror frames are needed for almost everyone, especially women.

In China, large-scale bioplastics project has been started. The project will invest a total of 950 million yuan on the production site and construction is estimated to take 18 months. Once it reached its designed capacity, the project is expected to generate 1.65 billion yuan in average annual sales. The project could serve a wide range of end markets, including 3-D printing, housewares, disposable products, baby products and fiber.

In North America, recycling of plastics continues to gain momentum. In the consumption-driven society, the use of plastics is increasing rapidly throughout North America. The main reason is that the benefits demonstrated by the use of plastics over other materials.

Now the plastic recycling is growing importance from both of an environmental and economic standpoint. But this area has its own challenges as 2015 approaches, and the challenge couldn’t stop the industry from growing. The recycled PET is dominantly consumed as fiber for textiles and carpets. Additionally, plastic film was also collected for recycling and the amount of recycled plastic film was increasing as well.

So people have to pay attention to waste plastic recycling as so many people have started to make efforts to waste recycle.

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INTCO is the only company in the world that both reclaim Styrofoam waste and uses it to manufacture new products. We invented GreenMax compactors to give businesses and municipalities an affordable and clean way to compress Styrofoam into widely used EPS.

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Aug 04, 2015