Wind Mitigation Saves You Money in Florida

There’s no busier time for many Florida homeowners than right after a hurricane.

There’s no busier time for many Florida homeowners than right after a hurricane. Cars, houses, and other properties can sustain significant damage. If you’re not prepared, you could get stuck in a hotel or rental for weeks. You might also face thousands of dollars in damage. Sometimes, FEMA will step in. You could still be in for long wait times. This is the worst time to schedule a wind mitigation inspections. The damage is already done, and your focus is on all the repairs that need to be done.


You could go years without encountering a storm. Even if you’re not expecting a storm, wind mitigation is one of the best things a homeowner in Florida can do. When you schedule your appointment, we inspect the most vulnerable parts of your home. We can identify problems in your electrical setup, plumbing, roofing, and more. This gives you a chance to make any necessary repairs before a storm hits. For homeowners, this means less damage and fewer complications during a storm. For some homeowners, this can provide peace of mind. The benefits go far beyond that.


Save on Insurance with Windstorm Mitigation Inspections


Don Meyler Inspections has conducted thousands of inspections. We send professionals who understand your home and the best ways to keep it secure in a windstorm. We conduct windstorm insurance inspections in Florida to protect your investments. Studies show homeowners who get these inspections fare better and save money.


It’s not just when a storm hits that our customers save money. Even if you just bought the home, you may still need a windstorm mitigation inspection. Insurance companies want to see a specific and short list. So you need a company like Don Meyler Inspections that can cut away the clutter. For some homeowners, this makes the applications process much easier. Insurance companies know your home meets basic safety standards.


Florida authorities have also suggested premium discounts after inspections. After past storms, insurance companies have gone bankrupt or moved out of hurricane-prone areas. Preventative inspections can mitigate damage. Long-term benefits aren’t always enough to drive this type of change.


When you work with Don Meyler Inspections, we guarantee you a thorough inspection. Our full inspections also ensure you’ll see the benefits you want in the event of a windstorm.

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Dec 24, 2016