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If you live in South Florida, hurricanes are part of life.



If you live in South Florida, hurricanes are part of life. You may never go through a major hurricane, or it could hit within a few days. Companies have been pushing insurance inspection services to counter this risk. One major hurricane could cause major devastation even to newer homes. This is why insurance inspections are now required by many home insurance companies.


A large claim could cost homeowners thousands out of pocket. For an insurance company, it could cost millions when homeowners aren’t prepared. In the 90’s, even large companies took a significant hit. Some small companies went under. does more than just sign a piece of paper. We complete a thorough inspection of the most vulnerable parts of your home in a windstorm. When left vulnerable, these can amount to small damages that add up. So you’re stuck paying for them all on your own. With a residential insurance inspection, you can secure these areas.


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Homeowners in South Florida may be asked by insurance companies to schedule an inspection. You can also schedule one on your own and qualify for insurance discounts if you pass a set standard. Our inspectors look at things like your roofing. Does it meet local building standards? Do you have a secondary water barrier in place? In the state of Florida, homes should be equipped with storm glass and hurricane shutters.


An insurance inspection focuses on the primary risks instead of performing a comprehensive analysis. Our inspectors have backgrounds in construction and other related areas. So they know exactly what to look for. If you want to make changes, they can give you direct advice on the best approach to take.


When you call Don Meyler Inspections, you know you’ll get what you’re paying for. You also get affordable pricing. We offer a range of inspection services to fit your insurance needs. Just let us know which company you’re working with, and we can complete the paperwork.


A residential insurance inspection can save you money on your yearly premiums. You can also avoid costly wind damage and repair bills when disaster hits. This also means not getting stuck in a hotel or other accommodations for too long. You can get back into your home faster.

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Jan 23, 2017