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Finefair are preferred suppliers of service to the London Borough Councils for privately owned council leasing

The current UK housing shortage is most acutely felt in London. The capital city has always had a high population, but with it now being regarded as the centre of the global economy London is attracting a higher population than has ever been recorded. This has placed pressure on the London Borough Councils to ensure that housing is available to meet requirements. Finefair, the most highly regarded name in London property services, works with both property owners and the London Borough Councils to reach a mutually beneficial agreement that addresses housing requirements in an amicable way.

With building and construction work not being carried out at a rate which meets the required level of housing. This means that the London Borough Councils need to turn to existing properties to obtain the accommodation they are expected to make available. One approach that has been used sees London Borough Councils purchase properties which meet their requirements. With the value of London property being exceptionally high, this is not a particularly viable approach to take as it leaves the Councils with substantial debt servicing obligations. On the other side of this, property owners want to make a return on their investment, but do not necessarily want to achieve this via selling the property. The services Finefair provide in respect of council leasing and guaranteed rent in London deliver all requirements to both parties.

In terms of service in London, council leasing allows the London Boroughs to make use of property on a fixed term contract to address housing needs. This allows property owners to gain a fixed, assured yield on their property. They do, however, need to ensure that the most preferential terms possible are in place when engaging in it. Property owners need the assurance that the property they allow to be used for council leasing is correctly maintained and managed, and they need to have the rental income be guaranteed.

Finefair deliver all of the above. The company holds an unequalled record for delivering world class property management services, ensuring that all buildings in their portfolio are maintained to professional standards. When representing property owners in arranging council leasing agreements, Finefair negotiate the best market related rate possible and deliver unconditional guaranteed rent agreements. Whether a council uses your property for housing or not, those represented by Finefair receive the monthly income at the agreed rate.

A permanent solution to the London housing crisis is proving to be a complex, multifaceted challenge. This should not and does not detract from the fact that housing needs to be available now to meet current demand levels. The services Finefair offer London in respect of property management, council leasing and guaranteed rent allow for this in a way that is beneficial to all, ensuring that all needs and expectations are met.

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Sep 30, 2015