World Renowned urologist Dr Manohar to Offer Services at GSH in Muscat

Dr. T Manohar is a world renowned name in the field of Urology and Genito-Urology Surgery.

Muscat - Dec 06, 2016 - The urinary system of humans and male reproductive system is one of the most critical healthcare area. Urology and andrology covers kidney, bladder and the tract which carries and drains out the urine for both the genders and in males even the prostate whereas andrology covers male reproductive and sexual health.

The medical science have evolved to a level that most of the present day medical conditions have permanent solutions. The R&D and technological advancements in the field of urology and andrology have been immense and not just focusses on not just giving a sustainable and near perfect solution but also reduces the hassles and pain while the treatment is delivered or post treatment recovery.

However to deliver the best it takes a Doctor with empathy, skills, practice and optimal exposure to the technology and latest clinical developments, a facility with latest equipment and  last but not the least deft hands.

An excellent combination of the same, if available within proximity will not only help people in addressing their urological health proactively with proper medical management but also address issues which are complex needing secondary and tertiary intervention. Symptoms like blood in urine, frequent urination, difficulty in urination and erectile dysfunction are clear indications of a urological problems and commonly occurs beyond the age group of 45 – 50. These symptoms may be a result of stones, enlarged prostate, cancer of kidney /bladder /prostate / Testicular or any other dysfunction related to urinary system. 

Gulf Specialized Hospital (GSH), in al wuttayah, Muscat  is focusing on key specializations and over having understood the urgent need of an excellent urology center due to increase in the incidence of urological cases among the people who are middle aged and above. In consultation with the ministry of health; Oman, It proposed to bring the best urologist to address the need. The endeavor resulted in special request going to Dr. Manohar, a world renowned urologist who was recently rewarded as the best urologist in India by Ministry of Health, India. He is currently the Chief Urologist at Columbia Asia Hospitals Bengaluru and having set up a world class Centre which have catered to lakhs of patients so far across the world. He agreed to work together with GSH to provide a world class urological diagnostics and solutions for the people of Oman based in Muscat. 

Dr. Manohar possesses extensive clinical experience gained over the last 18 years of clinical practice, and has continually attained advanced technological skills during these years having performed more than 800 renal transplants and 100 laparoscopic donor nephrectomies, 11,000 laser procedures including highest RIRS series in India. Extensive experience in stone treatment, soft tissue treatment including Holep.

The GSH and its partners feels that Dr. Manohar’s regular visits to Oman will not just help the patients but also the Oman’s healthcare eco system with exchange of Ideas and innovations in the field of urology.

Dr. Manohar will be available for consultation, second opinion and interactions at GSH’s Al wuttaya facility every month for 3 days. His first cycle is on 9th to 11th December. The facility is prepared to address all urological and andrology issues.

For more information please contact +968-90188309

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Dec 06, 2016