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EventSum is India's first and unique Group Social Money Transfer Application that makes it easy for anybody, either an individual or a small business or a group of people to chip in / contribute money with Mobile Money Wallet for a common cause

EventSum is an app designed for the sole purpose of making it easier to make group payments.

Whether it is collecting money for formal or informal events such as birthday parties, office parties, charity events or other such events, EventSum provides you a one stop solution where everyone can contribute to the collection. This would end up being a tedious task if it were to be carried out the traditional way. Not only can it lead to discrepancies but also result in other hassles that are best avoided. It can save you not just time but also effort and ensure that everything is sorted out before the money is collected.

The EventSum app encourages a cashless, digital society that is hassle-free and eliminates the issues associated with fiat currency. You can use the app to collect money for group events that can be small scale or large scale in nature.

The app’s interface is quite smooth and can be used by just about anyone. Once you download the app and log in, you will see the different options that make the app versatile. The first option at the top of the screen will be to “Create an Event.” You can use this option to create the event for which the money needs to be collected.

The next option is “My Events,” which lists upcoming events and the contributions that have been made towards it.

The “My Profile” option allows you to add in information about yourself and a picture so that it is easier for people to know who has contributed.

The next option is “My Wallet,” where you can add in money that can be used to pay for the events. You can add money to the wallet using a Credit or Debit card, Net banking or UPI system.

Once the event has been created, you can send out invites to others so that they can contribute to it.

The details of the event will appear at the bottom, including the name of the person who created it, the date and time of creation, its status, and the event’s venue.

You have the option of paying for the event using your Credit or Debit card, Net Banking, Wallet or UPI system.

What’s more, you can also pool in money to make bill payments such as rent, electricity, water bill, cable bill etc. All group payments related to Trips, Parties, Events can also be done using with the help of this app.

The app charges 2.3% service charge/admin fees which will be automatically deducted when the Event Pay Out is collected via the Bank Account of the Organizer for a particular event. The app works on Android version 4.1 and above. The latest version comes with minor bug fixes and works quite smoothly.


If you have a fund collection need then don’t think twice before downloading and using the EventSum app!

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EventSum is India's first and unique Group Social Payments Application that makes it easy for anybody, either an individual or a small business or a group of people to chip in / contribute money for a common cause or an Event.

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Sep 19, 2017